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Ethiopia always has a special place in my imagination, and the prospect of visiting Ethiopia attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England, and America combined. I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots of what made me an African
— nelson Mandela

Group Tour packages

The best packages to see Ethiopia's touristic attraction for a great price!

Dejene Ethiopia tours Journey, your small group of 30 like-minded guests travels on an exclusive itinerary packed with immersive insider-access opportunities to Ethiopia. Join us to on a journey of a life time.


Ethiopia Explorer: The Historic North, Harar, National Parks and Omo Valley

20 Days/19 Nights

With this package, you have 20 days and 19 nights to experience the beauty of Ethiopia firsthand. There are professional and experienced tour agents and guides that will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

This is the right package for you if you want to experience the beauty and culture of Ethiopia and be comfortable while doing it.



October 1st - November 1st - December 1st


Best of Ethiopia: The Historic North and Omo Valley

16 Days/15 Nights

This package was put together to give you 16 days and 15 nights of unforgettable experiences. Professional and experienced tour agents will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

The ethnographic museum, the mercato, trinity cathedral, the royal enclosure, and the rock hewn churches are few of the beautiful and memorable sites you will get to visit and experience with this amazing package.



October 1st - November 1st - December 1st


Tour to Danakil Depression, Afdera, Erta Ale Volcano and Dallol

14 Days

The Danakil Depression, also called Dallol Depression, is a desert with some areas that are more than 100 meters below sea level. This is special because it is one of the lowest points on earth not covered by water.

The people living in the region are Afar tribes, they are pastoralists and some of them engage in salt mining as the depression is covered with salt.



October 1st - November 1st - December 1st


Tour to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

10 Days

Ethiopia is blessed with a lot of amazing tourist-worthy attractions and sites, so much that most of them are named UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This package will give you the opportunity to visit them all, take them all in and experience their beauty while getting an insight into the history of Ethiopia.



October 1st - November 1st - December 1st


Tour to South Ethiopia

10 Days

The Ethiopian people and tribes have kept their culture and way of life over centuries. This package will give you the opportunity to interact with local and indigenous tribes and get an insight into how they live and their unique culture.

10 days of breathtaking and exciting sites will leave you satisfied and informed about the history of Ethiopia and its people.



October 1st - November 1st - December 1st


Tour to Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum, and Lalibela, Ethiopia

8 Days

Experience the beauty, history, and culture of Ethiopia through four amazing locations, Addis Ababa, Gondar, Axum, and Lalibela. Traveling through air and land, you will visit the National Museum, Trinity Cathedral, and other fascinating locations. You will also experience the best of Ethiopian cuisine and accommodation.



October 1st - November 1st - December 1st


How my Tours Are Different 

My purposes for providing tours is not only to help people get around the country but also to make everyone feel relaxed and at home. I love Ethiopia and I want everyone to see the lovely places in Ethiopia, so they can come to love the country by the end of the tour. This is why I moved back to Ethiopia 4 years ago from the U.S. 


 Why I started the tour company 

My interest in tourism began as a desire to make real changes in the image of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is truly an amazing place and has one of the oldest histories, tradition and cultures; a fact that is oblivious to most people across the globe. 

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