Dejene Hodes .  Founder

I am going to make you love Ethiopia!

I perceive my own story to be a true miracle. I was born in the outskirts of Ethiopia to a single mother who had no real job or any kind of stable income. My childhood was spent between my mother and grandmother. I loved going to see my grandmother. 

My story is long and will share with you on our tours, but I love Ethiopia so much that I moved back from the United states. 

Hope to see you soon. 


Why Dejene Ethiopia tours 

My tours are set up to give visitors the opportunity to visit any site in Ethiopia and there’s a package for everyone.


There are great sites and destinations that you will love.


We make sure you walk around, visiting the bars, go for Ethiopian dancing. 


You must have Ethiopian coffee!! of course 


I want you to absorb this blend of experience and see the amazingness of Ethiopian people! love it.


My interest in tourism began as a desire to make real changes in the image of Ethiopia.


Ethiopia is truly an amazing place and has one of the oldest histories, tradition and cultures; a fact that is oblivious to most people across the globe.

The Best Service So That People Love It!! 

I want you to know that I offer the best! I provide best attendees, best guides, best chauffeur and best cars, as well as best itineraries that are particularly based on the customer. 

Even when it is group tours I make sure that everyone gets a lot of one on one attention.


Like I said above I want people to love Ethiopia!

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