Features Overview



 My purposes for providing tours is not only to help people get around the country but also to make everyone feel relaxed and at home. I love Ethiopia and I want everyone to see the lovely places in Ethiopia, so they can come to love the country by the end of the tour. This is why I moved back to Ethiopia 4 years ago from the U.S. 

Why I started the tour company 

My interest in tourism began as a desire to make real changes in the image of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is truly an amazing place and has one of the oldest histories, tradition and cultures; a fact that is oblivious to most people across the globe.

Highlights about Dejene Ethiopia Tours

My tours are set up to give visitors the opportunity to visit any site in Ethiopia and there’s a package for everyone. There are great sites and destinations that you will love.We also make sure you walking around, visiting the bars, going for Ethiopian dancing at a local place, having some Ethiopian coffee and getting the opportunity to absorb this blend of experience and seeing the amazingness of Ethiopia, people love it. I have been told because I am an Ethiopian and an American, I am able to bridge the two in ways that makes it natural for people.