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What would a 10 day tour around Ethiopia look like?

How many UNESCO world heritage sites do you think you will see? Have You Ever Visited Ethiopia, Or Are You Thinking Of Planning A Trip To Ethiopia?If This Is Your Current Situation, Then You Are In The Right Place, Because In This Article I Am Going To Tell You About A Ten Days Tour Around Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a beautiful African country that is free from European colonialism. This is apparent from its cultural identity and its epic landscapes. It has retained its cultural identity such that now Africa has a most fascinating story.

Ethiopia is a country blessed with the most soulful people, fabulous wildlife and a peerless history. There are stunning landmarks that are epics in beauty and scale ranging from the Blue Nile to the desolate yet mesmerizing Danakil Depression, infused with Africa’s active volcanoes. There are also trekking places above sea level to over 3000m namely the Bale and Simien mountains.

Ethiopia traditions are opulent featuring intact ancient customs. Venturing and staying with these communities namely Nuer, Hamer, Afar, Surmi, Karo and Anuak is sure to give a feel of entering a forgotten world. The animals around the mountains are a lifetime prize, while the birdwatching is also the greatest sights. There are gelada monkeys, Harar hyenas and Nechisar crocodiles. 

Ten days tour around  the north of Ethiopia Ethiopia

Day 1- Arriving Day

On the first day, you will arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. One of our representatives will catch you all from the exit of the luggage claim area. Addis Ababa is the most significant and crowded city of Ethiopia. It has the biggest market, which is one of the most visited places. 

Day 2- Exploring the Addis Ababa City

In the 2nd day, you will move out in the beautiful roads of Addis Ababa city, where we will let you explore this city. Some of the places that we are going to visit are the Ethnographic Museum of Addis Ababa University, Emperor Menelik's Palace, St. Raguel's Church. Which is 3000 meters above the sea, and then we will move to Merkato, which is the largest market in Africa. In the evening, we will have dinner in one of the best traditional restaurants and will taste some of the authentic food items in Ethiopia. 

Day 3- Flying to Bahir Dar

I know it was a tiring day, but the place we will be going today will remove all your stress and tiredness. The places we will visit are Lake Tana Island Monasteries, and the Blue Nile Falls. We will move to this place by having a short flight to Bahir Dar, where we will reach early in the morning. One most important thing of these monasteries is that they are 800 years old, with which you are going to get the dose of history. 

Day 4- Travelling to Gondar (UNESCO site) 

The fourth day would be traveling to Gondar where we will explore places such as Royal

Castle and The Bath of Emperor Fasiledes, The Castle of Empress Mintewab and Kuskwam Complex. Emperor Mentewab made all these things.

After exploring these places, we will move to Azmari Bet at Traditional Music Houses. 

Day 5- Visit Simien Mountains National Park (UNESCO site)

On the next day, we will move to Simien Mountains National Park, which is a World Heritage site. Simien National Park is in Debark which is around 100 Km from Gondar. This park has endemic mammals, birds, natural vegetation and must watch landscapes. 

This World Heritage Center is the living place of many rare animals such as the Gelada Baboon, Simien Fox, Walia Ibex, A species of Goat which is not found anywhere else. Some of the best landscape points, mountain peaks, and some deep valleys are some of the most famous spots of attraction. 

Day 6- Drive to Aksum (UNESCO site)

The Queen of Sheba lived here in Aksum, but whenever we find a place which is related to Kings and Queens, we notice that they are made well and are clean. But there are no such factors here is Aksum by which one can recognize it as the place where Queen of Sheba lived. This place is near about 270 km from Debark. 

Day 7- Exploring the Aksum City

Some of the must explore things in Aksum city is Stela of Aksum, Queen Sheba palace, St. Mary of Zion Church. One of the most exciting thing about all these places that we will explore in Aksum city is that they were built in the 4th century. Some other places to explore in this city are Queen of Sheba's Bath, Abba Pentalewon, Ezana Stone, Dungur and many more. 

One most important thing about this city is that it is the 7th oldest inhabited city in Africa. It is also known as tourists town and have a population of near about 65,000 people living here. Those who love exploring and knowing more about the history and culture of one place, then the visit to this place is going to be interesting for them. 

Day 8- Travelling to Lalibela (UNESCO site)

On the next day, which is going to be the 8th day of our trip. We will be taking a flight and moving to Lalibela. Some of the places where we are going to go are the Eleven Rockhewn Monolithic, one thing about this place is that it is wholly made up of a single rock.

The next place we will explore will be Churches of Lalibela, which is also a World Heritage Site, and it consists of architectures and paintings from the historical period within the church. 

All these architectures and paintings are kept safe so that they can take their history with them forever. 

Day 9- Exploring the Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches

On the 9th day of our trip, we would be exploring the Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches as just one day for exploring this place is not enough. Some of the places we will explore on 9th day would be some more historical churches in Lalibela which are the Hill Church of Asheton Mariam, Yimerhane Kirsotos, Nakute Leib, Genete Maryam. 

This exploration is going to be some interesting, as we would be able to gather much information about the history of this place. 

Day 10- Departure time

On the last day of our trip, we will move back from Lalibela to Addis Ababa city for departing back to our homes. We would have some time for our flight so in that time we can do some shopping so that we can take some things back to our homes so that whenever we look at them, we start living the days spent. But before departing, there will be a farewell dinner for all, and according to the flight schedule, we will have that dinner and then move back to our homes. 

Hope that this gives you an Idea of what a 10 day tour around north Ethiopia would look like. Let me know if your interested about other tour options and packages around Ethiopia. 

I hope that this gives you idea about an amazing journey!

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