Private Lake Wenchi and Menagesha Forest Tour

Private Lake Wenchi and Menagesha Forest Tour


2 Days

2 days visit to the fabulous Wenchi Crater and Menagesha Forest, also Cherkos monastery and breathtaking wildlife and nature spotting including endemic species. This trip features exciting activities such as horse riding, trekking and boat ride.


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Day 1 Wenchi Crater Lake

Early morning depart to Wenchi Creator Lake.Visit the island monastery of Cherkos via horse  riding or trekking- whichever is convenient to you.  You will also do boat trip to get to your  destination. The sight of the lake will take your breath away.   Overnight :Hotel

Day 2 Menagesha Forest

After taking your breakfast, drive to the Menagesha National Forest for trekking. Menagesh Forest is home for plenty of wildlife , such as the colobus monkeys and endemic Menelik‚Äôs  bushbuck, as well as birds, including the endemic Ethiopian oriole and Abyssinian woodpecker. After finishing your trek, return back to Addis in the late afternoon.