Addis Ababa

1 Day

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s sprawling capital in the highlands bordering the Great Rift Valley, is the country’s commercial and cultural hub. It's National Museum exhibits Ethiopian art, traditional crafts, and prehistoric fossils, including replicas of the famous early hominid, "Lucy." The burial place of the 20th-century emperor Haile Selassie, copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral, is a Neo-Baroque architectural landmark.


Menagesha Forest & Addis Alam City

1 Day

A great day trip from Addis Ababa. You will get to enjoy the lush forests of Menagesha forest, 50 Kms west of Addis Ababa. Covered 400 years old Juniper trees it is a place of unparalleled beauty for nature enthusiasts.

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1 Day

Day trip from Addis Ababa Ethiopia to one of Ethiopia’s holiest sites. You are going to spend a day at one of Ethiopia’s holiest sites. Debre Libanos monsters is full of magical stories, even the one about how a swarm of bees surrounding the church when it was going to be distorted. You will hear a lot of great Stories.  Make sure you visit the tomb of the  priest — now a celebrated saint — that founded the monastery in the 13th- century, then step inside a 1961 church built by Haile Selassie.


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2 days visit to the fabulous Wenchi Crater and Menagesha Forest, also Cherkos monastery and breathtaking wildlife and nature spotting including endemic species. This trip features exciting activities such as horse riding, trekking and boat ride.

Archeological Sites/Lake Langano/

Lake Ziway

2 Days

You will visit the archeological sites of Tiya (ancient stelae field and UNESCO World Heritage Site), Adadi Maryam (a rock-hewn church similar to those in Lalibela) and Melk Kunture (pre-historic tool-making site). Final destination for the day is Lake Langano. After a brief morning hike, depart north to Lake Ziway.


2 Days


3 Days / 2 Nights

This is a great tour package that allows you to see the Awash national park watching is of of the bigger and more popular national parks in Ethiopia, you also get to se the beautiful city co Harar city, Harar is one of the oldest city in Ethiopia. Home basis of the Ethiopian Muslim followers, considered to be the 4th holiest city for Islam with 90 or more mosques in a one square mile area. Lovely people that are always smiling. Great city to just walk around.


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4 Days

Simien Mountains National Park is in northern Ethiopia. Its rugged terrain includes escarpments, deep valleys and a high plateau, home to rare Walia ibex and Gelada baboons. Tall peaks include the towering Ras Dashen mountain. Trails wind through the park to camps at Sankaber, Geech and Chenek. The central Gidir Got and Imet Gogo summit lookouts have panoramic views of sheer cliffs and the lowlands below.

5 Days

Bale Mountains National Park is a national park of Ethiopia. The park encompasses an area of approximately 2,150 square kilometres in the Bale Mountains and Sanetti Plateau of the Ethiopian Highlands.


5 Days / 4 Nights

The Historic Route is one of the greatest treasures of Ethiopia. Nowhere else in the world can you see riches of man’s past such as those in the northern part of Ethiopia most of them are registered by UNSCO as world heritage site. A history that stretched back to the time of prehistoric man the 5th century B.C pagan temple of Yeha, Debre Damo monastery to more than 3000 years old history of Axum with the rock Churches of Tigray just prior to their cousin in Lalibela dated back from the 6th-10th, the 12thcentury rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the UNSCO heritage walled city of Harar, the medieval castles of Gonder, the famous Blue Nile fall with the 13th century painting monastery of Lake Tana at Bahir Dar spectacular scenery, peoples, customs landscape Riches that cover the history of Ethiopia.


Day Tour of Lalibela-Danakil in collaboration

5 Days

The beauty of Ethiopia can only be truly and fully appreciated with a visit to its amazing landmarks and a tour of interesting and breathtaking sites. This package is created to introduce you to the history, nature, and culture of Ethiopia. Throughout the 5 day tour, short and sweet is what we like to call it, you will experience The Lalibela churches UNESCO World Heritage Site. and the Danakil Depression, witch is just out of this world. This package is all inclusive, everything is arranged and all you have to do is come and enjoy