I love Ethiopia so that should be reason enough but here are a few great reasons for you to travel to Ethiopia.

  1. You Will Have The Chance To See 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Having the ultimate chance to set your eyes on the 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites is without any doubt an incredible experience. These beautiful sites are greatly protected so that the future generations can also experience their amazing allure and beauty. I am also confident that you fall in love with the sites. So do not hesitate to visit them.

2. Ethiopia Has Always Been Part Of World History

To begin with, this beautiful nation is considered as “The Oregonian of Humanity” or rather “The Cradle of Mankind”. Additionally, the famous Lucy fossil which is 3.2 million years was also discovered here in 1974 near Hadar village in the vast but attractive Awash Valley of Afar Triangle by Donald Johanson. Making the ultimate decision to visit Ethiopia will give you the chance to unfold the hidden mankind history.

3. Ethiopia Is talked about In The Bible 40-60 Times As Per Various Sources

Ethiopia church paintings

I am certain that visiting any place that has been talked about in the Bible is not only a mind-blowing experience but also a mind-lingering experience. Well this vast nation is highlighted in Bible and the main highlight is the nation being an abode for “queen of Sheba”. Also, Moses’s beautiful wife is said to have originated from Ethiopia.

4. Visually Ethiopia Has All That You Could Ask For Except The Ocean

The amazing and towering mountains in the North of Ethiopia are said to be the roof of the African Continent at large. South Ethiopia on the other hand is an entirely different vision, here you will see individuals living in ways, long forgotten. The South region is also the home to most of Ethiopia’s tribes. this is the reason why the region is said to be the mosaic of faces or tribes. While here you will notice people with lip-plats, bull jumping and life in its most pure and beautiful ways.

Have you seen a Volcano before?


Even more enthralling is having the chance to see the incredible Danakil depression. Seeing this depression is honestly an amazing experience. Here you witness a live volcano-something am sure you will never forget in your entire lifetime. The depression is located in the northern part of the Afar Triangle and it resulted from a geological depression caused by the presence of three tectonic forces in the Horn of Africa. Importantly also, is that this depression is the hottest place on earth with regards to all year round average temperatures and is one of the lowest places on our vast globe. It is 100m below sea level.

The region also has the enthralling Dallol sulfur springs which are very hot. Ultimately, the wet places, in the Danakil Depression are being investigated in order to find out how life might arise on other planets and the moon.

5. There Is Plenty Of Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then the beautiful nation of Ethiopia is your holy land and you must tour it at least once in your life time. Notably, coffee was discovered in the South region of Ethiopia by a shepherd by the name Kadi and it has turned out to be Ethiopia’s gift to the world. It is without the number one coffee exporter in the entire world.

6. Ethiopia Is The Land Of Peace, Love And Respect

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Every individual who has been to Ethiopia will without a doubt confess that the inhabitants of this nation are really nice, gentle and respectful. Noteworthy, Ethiopia was the first nation to embrace Christianity in Africa and also Mahamod sent his close followers to the Axumit kingdom, about 64 people telling them that “ there was a king who did not harm anyone”. He told them to always have respect and to live in peace with their Christian neighbors. Mahamod sent his followers because he was being chased out of Mecca.

7. Ethiopia Is The Land Of 13 Months Of Sunshine

Well, how this come about? In Ethiopia our calendar is based on the solar Egyptian calendar. In this calendar we have 12 months each having 30 days and then an additional one month having 4-5 days and it is 7-8 years behind the Gregorian calendar and this is because the Ethiopian Orthodox Church calculates the “annunciation” or simply the time angel Gabriel approached and told Mary that she will conceive a son through the Holy Spirit. The important part is not why it is 13 months of sunshine but that it is sunshine all year-around.

8. Ethiopia Is One Of The Fastest Growing Tourist Destinations In The Globe

Owing to immense tourist attraction features and aspects in the prepossessing nation of Ethiopia, many tourists have therefore, been streaming in. Ethiopia has amazing things to see and experience but make sure to get here before it is all turned into a tourist takeover.

9. There is amazing amount animal Species In Ethiopia

Ethiopia boasts being an abode to 279 mammal species, of 5 which are critically endangered, 8 are endangered, 27 are vulnerable, and 12 are near-threatened. The list is an incomplete list of birth species inhabiting Ethiopia. The fauna of Ethiopia includes a total 924 bird species, of which 23 are endemic and three are accidental. I urge you to come and witness all these bird species in the beautiful and forests of Ethiopia.

10. Ethiopia Has Diverse Delectable Dishes


Ethiopia’s staple food is injera. The food is extremely delicious and its taste is unforgettable.  Also, there is wat which is Ethiopia’s version of curry and it is a ery spicy meal. In the highlands bege or lamb is the common component of wat while in the arid lowlands it is figel or goat. It is vital to note that chicken is the ultimate king of the delicious wat. Additionally, there is also Kai wat which is a stew of meat perfectly boiled in a spicy red sauce. Honestly this mouthwatering and extremely delectable. Strive to taste all these dishes by touring this alluring nation. You will definitely love them.

Please let me know what you think abut Ethiopia!